Equipping Kingdom Kids with Becky Fischer

Spiritual Warfare for Kids

October 07, 2020 Becky Fischer
Equipping Kingdom Kids with Becky Fischer
Spiritual Warfare for Kids
Show Notes

HALLOWEEN IS COMING QUICKLY. Teach your kids discerning of spirits!!!  There's more to this world than just what we can see with our eyes. There is an invisible world, or a spirit world as well as a natural world. And it’s in the spirit world is where our enemy hides out. When we run up against that invisible enemy we call it spiritual warfare.

As adults, we have all experienced that spiritual warfare many times and in many ways. And as we grow in the Lord, we learn how to fight those battles.

But do our kids know how to do this and how young should we start teaching them? Someone once said that kids don’t have a junior holy spirit. It’s true! But do you know why they don’t have a junior holy spirit? It’s because they don’t fight junior devils. They fight the same devils you and I fight just in slightly different ways.

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